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Mystic Mountain Moments DVD Released! sticky icon

Nature Images and Jazz Music Combined...

Mystic Mountain Moments DVD brings soothing music and soothing images of the Rocky Mountains to your DVD player

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal


Mark Sloniker is one of the all time greats in jazz, I think.  I love his soothings, rolling sounds, his great can find him most Saturdays at Jay's Bistro and he's always the same.  Upbeat, joyful, loving life for all the wonder and meaning it brings.

Now his music is joined with photography of nature that conveys that same attitude of wonder and gratitude.

To see more, check it out on at






A Time To Honor One Who Was Mindful... sticky icon

Harris Jensn offers free banners for your computer desktop for mindfulness training...they are offered for free to you as a way of remembering the wonder that mindfulness brings to our lives


by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

She left this world for the next one, last night, here in the first week of January of 2009,  suffering cancer, battling hard and long, surrounded by those who loved her.  To honor her privacy I won't mention her name.  But to honor her life I'd like to share 4 meditation banners I've made.  I've used these as a background on my computer screen to encourage my mindfulness training.  She was one who in a kind and gentle way introduced me to the awesome power that resides in the practices of yoga and meditation.  Wow, what a difference she made in my life.  If interested, view the banners in the slide show below.  If you'd like one for free, put your cursor on the image, then click the lower right corner, the cllick the colored circle, and at Picassa web albums you can download the actual jpegs.  Or you can click one of the blue file attachments below, by first clicking the "4 Attachments" link below, then clicking the link to the meditation poster you want.

All the banners have the meditative saying, "Solid As A Mountain, Calm As Water," which is a saying from the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn, whom I heard give a talk at YMCA of the Rockies up in Estes Park, Colorado.   He spoke in a quiet voice and yet with great courage and conviction about how mindfulness can help make your day a good day.

This dear one who has left us was strong in her quiet unassuming way, too, and she was calm in the face of the storm. 


Here's hundreds of wildlife photos from the Rocky Mountains! sticky icon

Harris Jensen's nature photo slide show is quick and easy...

just watch the hundreds of photos of the Rocky Mountains from Colorado and Wyoming and Montana...a great way to destress!


by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

After a long day at school or at the office, the last think you want to do is work at something to relieve stress.  Your are out of gas--maybe emotionally and with what is in your car's gas tank.

Here is something to do to let go of the worries of the world without making much of an effort.

Watch these images from a lake high in the Snowy Range of Wyoming and elsewhere in the Rockies.  It was a warm summer afternoon when some of these pictures were taken.  Brook trout were sipping mayflies on the surface of the lake.  A light breeze rippled the surface.  And no one else was around.  A rabbit hopped along the shore.  Flowers were blooming in a meadow.

Some photos are from Estes Park, Colorado, others are from the Front Range here in Colorado, while others are from the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming...the heron pictures however are from Florida...enjoy!

Enjoy letting go!  Nature makes it easier!

If you put your mouse's cursor over the photos, a menu will appear over the bottom of the pictures. Clicking the colored circle in the lower right corner of the picture will bring you to a page where you can click "Harris" and get to my other public web galleries of photos.  Enjoy them too if you want...


Good News: Free Relaxation Movie About The Rocky Mountains! sticky icon

Journal Release First In Series Of Nature Music Videos
Nature images and jazz music make for relaxing moments...

"Autumn Treasure" is ready to web stream to you right now, just click the play button below!

Hit the "square button" in the lower right hand corner for full screen mode...thanks to You Tube, you've got video...

The .m4v file at bottom of article is ready to download to your computer to transfer to your ipod as well...for free!

Click this link to see the video on your ipod or iphone at You Tube!

Key words: relaxation, nature photography, nature video, jazz music, Mark Sloniker, stress managment
by Harris Jensen, MD
Editor Good Day Journal


After several years in development, it’s here!  A collaboration of two Colorado artists has yielded a series of four movies totaling about 90 minutes of relaxing nature images and soothing jazz sounds.
Mark Sloniker, a well known jazz artist in Colorado, has produced a number of CD’s (see which have been used as movie soundtracks before (ABC Sports and Public Television) but this is his first collaboration with Jensen.
Now is Jensen an artist?

Chapter 3 Know your camera digital sensor pallette

Not all cameras are the same.  Get to know yours.

Ch. 1 Page 1 Know your gear

Pay attention to your gear so it can help you...


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Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

We learn as much from words as through images. So why not put them together? The Journal has released "Solid As A Mountain..." as its first poster in a series of posters dedicated to what else? Helping you have a good day! It will be released in three versions as a free download for the rest of 2008. You can of course: print it off on photo paper, use it as wallpaper on your desktop, put it on your what you like and spread the peace!

Solid As a Mountain - Poster #3


Relaxation poster number three, in JPEG featuring image of Elk Mountain, Wyoming and quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.


Solid As a Mountain - Poster #2


Relaxation poster number two, in JPEG featuring image of Elk Mountain, Wyoming and quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.


Solid As a Mountain - Poster #1


Relaxation poster number one, in JPEG featuring image of Elk Mountain, Wyoming and quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.