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Nutritionist In Fort Collins Reveals Her Secrets! sticky icon

The Key To Successful Weight Loss

May Be Consulting An Expert...

by Sonja Silva


Here are some common questions people have about they try to solve nutrition problems on their own and keep running into road blocks.  The answer may help you see if a nutrition consult would help you succeed at weight loss or other concerns involving nutrition.

Masonic Secrets Revealed! sticky icon

Masonic Temple In Fort Collins Has...

Secrets! Ghosts! Windows To Look Into The Past!

Meg Dunn Of The Fort Collins Historical Society Writes A Great Article!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

They say Masons are not a secret society, but a society with secrets.  Well these secrets are revealed in this amazing article by the Fort Collins Historical Society and their ace writer Meg Dunn:

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Thousands of hits, thousands of downloads!

People All Over The World Find Dr. Harris Jensen's Books Useful!

Free Too!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I have a hit counter on pages at the journal, so I can see what works and doesn't work for stories.  Low hits: dull.  High number of hits: useful.

Free stuff page by that measure is a fabulous success.  Five thousand hits in the past three months, and 15,000 hits in all of 2013, that is success by internet measurement.

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Fort Collins Psychiatrist Gives Away Dozens Of Stress Managment Books!

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Hundreds Of Chapter Titles Are Listed So You Can See What Might Work For You!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

The power you have to conquer stress lies waiting in you.  You have tremendous power to overcome all kinds of stress!  The energy of stress is something you can harness to make your life something better!

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SKIP THE PIE.ORG Tells The Truth On What's In Food!

Nutritional Content Search Engine Is In This Article!

You Are What You Eat, So Check This Site To See What You're Feeding Your Brain!

By Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Today was the first day of handing out jerky to patients. It's my way this Thanksgiving week, to show my thanks to people in my practice.  Also, natural food is healthier, and studies show what you eat can affect your mood.  People are happier, for example, eating the Meditteranean Diet.

43 Fitness Shows The Power Of Positive Thinking! Think Positive For Weight Loss! sticky icon

Positive Thinking Really Works To Help You Stay On Track For Weight Loss!

43 Fitness Gives Lots Of Examples And No Commercial Sales Tricks!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

To stay motivated, one needs a motive.  It might be living longer, saving money, quality time with family.

To keep motivated, it takes more than "a carrot" (rewards) and "a stick" (punishmennt or the lack of a reward).  It takes discovering something that is motivating in and of itself.

Rebel! Eat Healthy And Cook Your Own! sticky icon


Want to eat healthy?  Cook it yourself!  Cook your own nutrition bars and then you know what is in them!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Eat healthy!  You read that everywhere now days, but then you read the food label and find...the nutrition bar is really full of all these chemicals: high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, food coloring.

How can you find healthy, natural food and really know what is in it?

Make it yourself! Below is a link to a fitness magazine article on recipes for healthy food bars.

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Stress Managment Ebook Released By

Dr. Harris Jensen...Now Available For Free!

by Harris Jensen, MD

At Good Day Journal we are committed to bring you the best in innovative stress managment articles and strategies.

Today we release to you a free ebook, "The Power Of Optimism."  It is readable on Nook Reader and other ebook readers.  It is offered in epub format.

The four secrets of optimism are..well I'll tell you right here.  Then they won't be a secret, but...

Are You Ill And Can't Keep Your Pet? sticky icon

Use Pets Forever At Colorado State University!

They help people who are ill or elderly care for their dogs and cats in Colorado

What A Great Outreach!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

If you are very elderly or very ill, your pet dog or cat may be your lifeline.  Without your pet, life may just not be worth living, or it may be too much of a struggle to keep living in your home.

Without your pet, you may be headed for a nursing home and the loss of your possessions, your freedom, your integrity, your way of life.

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New Book By Harris Jensen

Millions Are Using New Brain Science

By Tapping Into It On The Internet...

For Free!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I am writing this note to my readers from the road.  We are in Gunnison today, Sunday, May 30, 2010, having travelled to Santa Fe, New Mexico and Durango, Colorado.  Summer is in fuil bloom here, the mountain valleys are lush green, aspen trees are throwing out their green flags and flowers are popping out in mountain meadows.  Yesterday we saw several thousand bicyclers rolled over a mountain pass from Durango to Silverton.  They were part of what I was writing about in my new book, Trillions.

They looked vibrant, excited to see the beautiful mountain scenery, charged up by the cool mountain breezes (which sent several people to the hospital with hypothermia) and bright sun, and just loving life--by being fit and healthy.  They are part of the new healthy class, people who love life and are excited to do whatever it takes to get the most out of life.

Part of doing whatever it takes is using the new science of the brain to learn how it works.

That science has revealed we have 340 trillion connections in our brain. 

That is 340,000,000,000,000 connections if you are counting the zeros.

That is a lot of zeros.

As readers of the Journal know, exercise, eating right, taking medication if you need to for your mood, and things of this nature, all work to support these connections.  Exercise for example expands the memory center 16 percent.  Omega three fatty acid supplements can protect against a depression episode that is known to shrink the memory center by depleting it of nerve growth factor.

It used to be people thought of two classes of people, the wealthy and the poor.  There is now a third class: the healthy.  They see what is really important: living life fully and keeping fit in mind and the rest of the body.

As I wrote about the new brain science I was inspired by the many people who have shared with me through the years what things really helped them turn their lives around.  Thank you for sharing me your stories.  I've shared that information and much more in this book.

The new "Healthy Class" of people are using new and free resources on the internet to make personal changes in their life.  

My book detailing their work is now at 15,000 words and counting!

Many thanks too, to Kevin Houchin and his encouragment.  I've asked for help from many other people too, and appreciate their input: Gary Ogden, Glen Maxey, Ken LeJeune and many others.

There really is a new world out there, with the new resources on the internet, the new science available there, and the new class of people who are tapping into both.  It's really fun writing about it.  In the near future I'll offer free pdf files of this book to those who ask for it, by calling my office at 970-416-8354, and we'll give you the secret url address to put in your internet browser window to get the book.  That's right: the book will be kept at a secret web page!

Happy Trails...