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Nutritionist In Fort Collins Reveals Her Secrets! sticky icon

The Key To Successful Weight Loss

May Be Consulting An Expert...

by Sonja Silva


Here are some common questions people have about they try to solve nutrition problems on their own and keep running into road blocks.  The answer may help you see if a nutrition consult would help you succeed at weight loss or other concerns involving nutrition.

Nick Roussos, One Amazing Guy! sticky icon

"Helping In Action" Is A Great Book!

"Awesome In Action" Is a Great Web Site!

Nick Roussos Shows Kids How To Have Courage And Ask For Help

He Even Helped Rescue A Baby Lion In Africa!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

It isn't easy to write a kid's book.  I've tried, and I'm still trying!

Russian Gang Steals Passwords! sticky icon

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, GOOD Day Journal

Last week most visitors to GDJ were previously visiting Russian web sites.  Then the NY times busted this story today:

Sorry, Good Day readers, I've had to pull my drop box links because it is a little too dangerous out there!  Still lots to download on the freestuff page though!



Free Stuff Page Succeeds! 15,000 hits in 2013! sticky icon

Thousands of hits, thousands of downloads!

People All Over The World Find Dr. Harris Jensen's Books Useful!

Free Too!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I have a hit counter on pages at the journal, so I can see what works and doesn't work for stories.  Low hits: dull.  High number of hits: useful.

Free stuff page by that measure is a fabulous success.  Five thousand hits in the past three months, and 15,000 hits in all of 2013, that is success by internet measurement.

Bullied at work? sticky icon

It's Not Appropriate To Bully Others At Work,

Here's What To Do If You Get Bullied!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

Once or twice per month I have someone say they've been bullied at work.  They wonder what to do.  There are many considerations, and the state of Washington has a flier on this at this url...


Here's how to talk to kids about trauma! sticky icon

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

A kind and generous reader gave me this link to a wonderful brochure about how to talk to children about trauma.  I thought it was timely given the recent tragic shooting in Connecticut...

Dr. Harris Jensen Publishes First Ebook At Good Day Journal! sticky icon

Stress Managment Ebook Released By

Dr. Harris Jensen...Now Available For Free!

by Harris Jensen, MD

At Good Day Journal we are committed to bring you the best in innovative stress managment articles and strategies.

Today we release to you a free ebook, "The Power Of Optimism."  It is readable on Nook Reader and other ebook readers.  It is offered in epub format.

The four secrets of optimism are..well I'll tell you right here.  Then they won't be a secret, but...

Dr. Harris Jensen Reviews Modern Effective Methods For Treating Major Depression... sticky icon

Holistic Approaches And Medication Can Help Speed Recovery And Empower Self Control!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day

Dog Shaming sticky icon

It's real, it's awkward...


When Our Animal Companions Turn On US!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I go to work every day.  My two dogs, both labradors, are not just animal companions, they are co workers.  Good, right?  No.

Charley, my chocolate lab, gets all the complements.  "Oh You're so handsome..." I hear, "I love your hair!"

"The Power To Work Through The Trauma" sticky icon

New Book By Dr. Harris Jensen Is In The Works!

The Website INCIWEB gives information, maps on High Park Fire,

Helps Victims Deal With Trauma Of Losing Their Home To The Inferno

by Harris Jensen, MD