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By harrisjensen - Posted on 22 August 2014

Here Is A List Of Topics For Talks By Dr. Jensen!

(This list can be printed off and you can circle the topics you want Dr. Jensen to talk about.  Order topics like they are items on a restaurant menu. Write on the list to give feedback to Dr. Jensen or suggest other topics and turn it in at the end of the talk.  Feel free to call his office at 970 416 8354 or email him at At the end of the talk, Dr. Jensen will give folks the password for his dropbox link, to have access to hundreds of his podcasts and ebooks on the topics noted below.)

1. Time Managment

How to use a daytimer and to do list like a professional!  Worker smarter not harder! Examples: how to use daytimer to get better grades and improve your time for a social life!

2. Stress Managment 101

A simple three step method for checking stressful thinking so you can change it and nip your stress in the bud! Examples: how to use this to cut stress around studying, test taking, meeting new people.

3. Truth And Acceptance 101

Sometimes stress comes because we fight the truth of the way things are.  When we resist the truth that, for instance, a pet dog can get old and die, we add to the stress. Examples: coming to accept how relationships change, people change, job hunting changes. Accepting how tough a class is.  Accepting how someone else may not like you the way you like them.

4. Power For Success

How to tap into your thinking skills to unlock your human potential.  Just building on the three step model in Stress Mgmt 101, you can find you are far more capable of succeeding in challenges that you thought you were.  Techniques of brainstorming for new ideas to make new game plans for success is reviewed.

5. Power Over Anxiety

Ever get anxious about a test?  Meeting new people?  A job interview?  These situations are really great opportunities to refine your self confidence.  Take it as a self improvement opportunity!  The four steps of self confidence are reviewed.

6. The Power For Self Confidence

Being self confident is a most powerful asset to have.  I review how to get it and build it, using the four qualities of optimism. Studies show optimistic people are more attractive to others, get better grades, get less anxiety. I'll show you how to build an optimistic attitude and make it part of who you are.

7. The Power Over Depression

Depression is part of life. Everybody gets depressed. It's nothing to be afraid of.  But when it takes over a person's life and messes with their ability to focus, feel good about themselves, have a good memory, then it's time to beat up on depression.  I review the awesome power of the medical model and how you can use it to take control of any emotional issue that takes over the brain.  The myths that medication is bad or counseling is for the weak are reviewed.  Strong people solve problems, weak people don't.

8. The Power Over Social Anxiety

Ever get anxious meeting new people?  Some people exaggerate the importance of other's accepting them.  They have an underlying belief they can only feel good about themselves if other people say they feel good about that person's actions.  These and other irrational "mental traps" are reviewed.  I show you how to replace them with rational, reasonable thinking.

9. The Power Over Suicide

When people get overwhelmed, sometimes they think of suicide.  They feel helpless and hopeless, and instead of questioning those feelings, they believe them.  I review the warning signs of suicidal people and how to talk to a friend who may be getting suicidal.

10. The Power Over Addiction

Do you know a friend in trouble with drinking too much or smoking too much.  I review the medical basis for addictions and how to use biological, psychological and social things to control the addiction so the addiction doesn't control you.

11. The Power Over Bipolar Disorder

Do you know someone who has periods of a high mood and reckless behavior?  I review the symptoms of bipolar disorder and how to get it under control.

12. The Power Of Meditation

The new awareness of the awesome power of meditation is reviewed.  I go over how to meditate in simple methods that can give you better sleep and better grades.  Based on talks from the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn.

 13. The  Power For Job Hunting

Go underground. Do research on a company.  Get two steps ahead of the competition. Present yourself with confidence and knowledge. I show you how to compete for a job successfully, and I've seen people use this approach and get highly desirable jobs in their major, in New York, LA , Denver and Miami.

14. How To Think Like An Emperor

We know plenty about how the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius managed his stress, his day, his mind.  We have his personal diary, "The Meditations." I review the four step method for starting and ending your day.  I show how this automatically reduces automatic thoughts of anxiety and breeds the self compusure the emperors were famous for.

15. The Power Of Attention

Do you find yourself struggling to focus for long hours?  Struggling to keep up with class assignments?  I did when I was in college!  I review how to organize your day and your thinking to ramp up your motivation.  I review how some simple adjustments in your daily routines and study routines can make a big difference on tests.

16. The Power Of Study Skills

There are a number of different ways to study.  Some methods work better that others depending on the type of material to master.  I review these methods and what method works for science, visual spatial information, artistic, and other classes. Helps reduce study time so you have more time for fun stuff.

17. Quick And Easy Communication Skills

Simple ways to remember new people's names.  How to socially connect with people in creative ways.  New ways to use the internet for this.

18. Hope For The Future: Talking About How The Brain Can Be Helped To Grow New Connections And Improve Your IQ

You can understand how wonderful and fragile the brain really is, and why it needs to be cared for.  For instance: the brain has 100 billion nerves, each with about 100,000 connections, making for about 100 trillion connections. Each day the memory center grows 4 million new nerves due to nerve growth factor.  Each day the brain grows as many connections as there are people on earth.  How to use these facts to change your emotions or learning.

19.  Four Steps Of Optimism And How To Defeat Pessimism

(Rosey optimism often leaves people unprepared for tough times. I review the four steps of optimism and how to use pessimism to become more re3s what will make you successful or not, in college or life.  You need to feed it and exercise it and rest it in a certain way to get the most out of it.  I review lessons I learned about this in medical school.

21. Phobia Of Things Artificial: How Using Toothpaste Is Like Using A Medication

People freak out about taking artificial things for the brain, like medicine.  I debunk these phobias.  Would you stop using toothpaste because it was artificial?  The question is what is good for you, and what you need to succeed it life.  Losers are motivated by phobias.

22. Motivational Interviewing: How To Motivate Yourself Using Goal Based Thinking For Better Grades!

Don't focus on the possibility of something bad happening, focus on the big payoff for you when you tackle a class project.  Or for social things that may be a big stretch for you. How to use self coaching to do more than you thought possible.  I review how I did that in medical school and undergraduate classes.

22. Strategies For Managing  Weight

Simple strategies to keep yourself on track for your normal weight.  How to avoid the shame game and blame game that often gets dieters mired in self misery.

23.  Angst: How To Get Rid Of Fear Based Thinking

College is an exciting time to make dreams come true.  Fear based thinking trips you up.  I go over strategies to stop this and use confidence based thinking instead.

24. Biological Hurdles

Sometimes your brain can get in your way.  I review common biological problems that can get in the way of succeeding in college: insomnia, too much or too little caffeine, hypoglycemia, low light, fear, ADD, addiction to internet, bipolar, and other crumby things.

25. How To Identify Bipolar Disorder

(Mania mascarades as ADHD, anxiety, impusivity.  One third of patients with a history of mania can't even recall having it.  Here's how to deal with the issues involved in  bipolar disorder.)

26. How To See If Someone Is Lying To You

(I review the tell tale signs someone is lying to you.)

27. Phobias About Using Medication

(Common taboos are debunked.)

28. Molecules For The Mind: Marijuana Etc.

(I review how marijuana works on the brain, side effects, and compare that to other molecules used to help the mind. The brain makes hundreds of chemicals to improve it's performance too.  How to get more of those.)

29. Five Billion New Connections Per Day: The Amazing Neuroscience Of The Brain And It's 100 Trillion Connections

(The brain builds billions of new connections every day.  Appreciate the new neuroscience can help patients care for their brain's health.  Applications to traumatic brain injury are reviewed.)

30. Exposing Fads And Scams Of Mental Health Cures On The Internet.  Doctors V. Herbal Quacks: Who Wins?

(Billions of dollars are spent on quack herbal remedies.  Here's how to talk about placebo effects and work with patients who take herbals whether we want them to or not.)

31. Hollywood Suicides: Talking About Robin Williams' Suicide And The Serious Impact Of Pessimism On People's Lives

(Robin had Parkinson's Disease and depression.  I review how pessimism can overwhelm a person with many problems and create the illusion of a hopeless situation.  How optimism corrects that.)

53. Simple 3 Step Meditation Technique To Help The Anxious Patient Get To Sleep More Easily

(A simple technique you can use to sleep easier.  Free!)

54. The Power Of Nature

(How to use the walking meditation while walking to and from class to bring more peace of mind and free up that happy state of mind we all want!)

55. Free Stuff

(The web address with hundreds of free audio files and pdfs on the topics above.)