You are hereDr. Harris Jensen Publishes First Ebook At Good Day Journal!

Dr. Harris Jensen Publishes First Ebook At Good Day Journal!

By harrisjensen - Posted on 20 November 2012

Stress Managment Ebook Released By

Dr. Harris Jensen...Now Available For Free!

by Harris Jensen, MD

At Good Day Journal we are committed to bring you the best in innovative stress managment articles and strategies.

Today we release to you a free ebook, "The Power Of Optimism."  It is readable on Nook Reader and other ebook readers.  It is offered in epub format.

The four secrets of optimism are..well I'll tell you right here.  Then they won't be a secret, but...

The mind works in four steps, and knowing that can help you if you get stuck in intense emotions.

The first of four steps, that most peoples minds make when they have emotional self control, is the thinking step.

We think about a situation.  We gather information, then act on that information.  Action is the second step.  After acting we then experience a new situation, one we have acted on.  And we experience emotions, the third step.  The situation itself is what we deal with and that is the fourth step.  These are the four steps:

Thinking...acting...situations...emotions.  In the book I explain how you can change your thinking to guide this process and create more happiness for yourself, even in some unhappy situations.

For more on this, read the ebook!  Click the blue "attachments" link at the bottom ot the freestuff page, and at the bottom of the list of attachments you will find the pdf and epub documents entitled "The Power Of Optimism."


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