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Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

By harrisjensen - Posted on 23 March 2008

Journal Releases First Poster "Solid As A Mountain..."

We learn as much from words as through images. So why not put them together? The Journal has released "Solid As A Mountain..." as its first poster in a series of posters dedicated to what else? Helping you have a good day! It will be released in three versions as a free download for the rest of 2008. You can of course: print it off on photo paper, use it as wallpaper on your desktop, put it on your what you like and spread the peace!

The story behind the that Thich Nhat Hahn, an Zen Buddhist monk, gave a conference on mindfulness several years ago at the YMCA Of The Rockies near Estes Park. About 1,000 people from all over the USA packed into the lecture hall. During a question and answer period, someone asked what he could recommend as a saying that could be used to help a person's brain quiet down in meditation. Oh don't our minds like to stay busy when we ask them to be quiet!

Look at the mountains all around you, he told the audience. Be grateful. They are so beautiful. Work with them to train your mind. Your mind will quiet down under the influence of nature and of respectful sayings. Try it! He suggested this saying, "Solid As A Mountain, Calm As Water.

"A mountain is strong, solid," he said, "not by judging others but by simply being present, here and now, in all its majesty. You have majesty too. Water is equally wonderful," he added. "It moves with the wind yet is calm underneath. When a lake is calm, the water is clear and it reflects the sky, and when our mind is calm is becomes clear like water, too, and reflects on beautiful things around it, like people and nature.When you repeat that saying and visualize an image of a mountain, over and over, you will find your mind has become more solid like the mountain and more calm like the water."

Thank you, Thich Nhat Hanh, you have helped us have a good day.