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Free Jazz Music!  Free Nature Movies! Free Books!

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

All in one place, you can download music, audio books, audio files, charts, articles, ebooks, and movies:75 items I've authored and I'm giving them away to help you have a better day.

Find them at

I've been giving these away for 6 years now, and the seven empty CD spindles in my office show I've given away 700 CD's with these items on them.  All have been found to help folks unwind, destress, and enjoy the beauties of nature.

The big new edition is the gift of 16 songs from professional jazz pianist Billy Dennison Froehner.

Here's an overview of what you can download with a click:

1. Music

There is hours of music from Billy Dennison Froehner and soon others. 


These are high quality recordings of solo piano jazz on album one, the songs are mixed with environmental sounds on album 2 and album 3, and then album 4 is half an hour of sooting river sounds with the songs coming and leaving -- a solid half an hour unbroken with soothing sounds.  Album 5 does the same for the last half of Billy's album.  Album 6  and 7 are interviews with this jazz legend, who continues to perform in New York and the east coast, as well as in Colorado.

2. Movies

Six movies are there so far.  The first four are 2-5 minute movies with nature images and jazz music from Mark Sloniker (see for more of his music).  The fifth and sixth are part of a movie series, called The Green Concert, celebrating the inspiration that comes from the wonderful living things on our wonderful "green" planet.  These longer movies, of 20-30 minutes, feature wildlife and wildflower images in a movie format with Billy's music and river sounds and the recordings of bird songs, all from the Rocky Mountains. Three more movies will come with his music.  These movies will play on your ipod or computer, load em into your itunes!  Great way to take in the peace and tranquility that God put in nature!


Well, there is one so far.  It is a PDF book, an ebook, on some gems I've learned for stress managmenet.  It is called "The Four Secrets For Successful Living," and it combines positive thinking and other strategies I've seen work, and I've used myself, for 35 years.

4. Audio Books

None so far, but they will be coming!

5. Audio Files

Albums 8, 9, 10 are dedicated to helping you learn to practice deep relaxing techniques: deep breathing, visualization, meditation.  The first two albums make it easy.  Just listen and do what it says and you will learn to meditate!  Album 10 has nature sounds for you to use on your own, to get your mind in a "good frame of mind," taking in the peace of nature from the sounds of nature, namely the sounds of a Rocky Mountain stream with the sounds of a crackling campfire and chirping birds!

6. Articles

I've written a number of articles on stress managment, organization and the like.  Download and read for free!

7. Charts

Keeping track is a big deal.  What you track you can change is an old saying.  These charts help you keep track of: anxiety, daily routines, bipolar mood swings, symptoms of ptsd and other items.

Give me feedback on what you like or don't like!


Harris Jensen, MD

Animal Companions--God Love 'Em! sticky icon

"Fuel The Spark" is a great book, reminding us of great truths,

which our animal companions have already mastered!

By Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal
Sometimes just showing up, just coming to the place you are supposed to be, is 90 percent of a person’s success. I was reminded of that tried and true principle reading a great little book last night, it is called “Fuel For The Spark,” written by a great entrepreneur and creativity consultant in Fort Collins, Kevin Houchin.
So it was of no surprise today, that my dog Elsker had a great day right off the bat.
Here is Elsker, the "lover dog,"
She just needs to show up. I have to show up and work at being a doctor, but she just needs to show up.  She's been my office dog for nine years, what a great record!
 “That’s a nice dog you have in your office,” a patient told me.

The New Pragmatists Are Rising From The Ashes Of A Bad Economy sticky icon

 Common People Are Rediscovering Time Honored Truths About Our Divine Humanity

by Harris Jensen, MD

Editor, Good Day Journal

I have the greatest admiration for flowers and spring. This morning I neighbors sidehill, an Evening Primrose shot out its 3 inch wide yellow  plumes for the world to see. Nearby a scarlet gilia scattered it several red and shot shell pink blossoms into the sun from the shade of a crab apple tree.
If you live in Colorado, you know what kind of winter we have had. One neighbor had half their shingles ripped off their roof in 90 mile an hour winds in December. There has been frigid cold, after the driest of  falls, and the insufferable heat last summer was something else. That's when the seeds were dropped for this spring's blooms.
Nature tells us lessons about how to make it through hard times.  How to bloom in the midst of hardship.
Nature is focused on adapting.
There is a new attitude in this country that is all about just that.  I call them the New Pragmatists.  Americans have always considered themselves practical people, results oriented, but they still hung on to their "hangups" about not asking for help, and being embarrassed to ask for help.  Especially when it came to matters of the body and especially the brain.
But there is a new attitude in the winds.
"I figured, if there was something that would help my brain, what would be wrong with doing that?" one woman recently told me, who was seeing me for a medication and counseling to help her depression..  "To not do something to help myself, well that would be just dumb.  And I don't care what other people think.  I'm doing this for me, not them!"
I couldn't have captured this "New Pragmatist" atttitude any better with words.
 Evidence of this changing attitude is reviewed in, "American's Attitudes Towards Mental Health Treatment Seeking: 1990-2003," by Ramin Mojtabai, MD, PHD, in Psychiatric Services, 58:642-651, the May, 2007 issue.  A nationwide survey found in 2001-3 found Americans had changed their attitudes, compared to the 1990's and 1950's.  People were more likely to ask for help from a mental health professional, feel comfortable about it, and feel like it was the smart thing to do--not feel stigmatized.
In 2003, compared to much lower rates in the 1950's, 41 percent said they would ask a mental health professional for help with mental health concerns, 32 percent said they'd feel comfortable about it, and 40 percent said they wouldn't be embarrassed at all for seeking out such assistance.  "Attitudes of younger participants improved more than attitudes of middle aged participants," Dr. Mojtabai wrote.
In soil made from volcanic ash. This is some nasty soil. Get it on your feet and calluses forms that get so sick of your skin will bleed. Get it on your hands and they become chapped and dry. The darned stuff sucks the water right out of you. I guess it's good for something. The cat litter we buy is made out of this stuff. Apparently it absorbs odors two.
Hauling hay bales one evening last winter, I paused and noticed a movement in the light of my headlamp. It was some of this clay. Small particles drifting in the winter wind, probably sailing for miles, only to drop down and add to the soil where ever it fell.
Over the eons, this clay has been blown and drifted,
 With the dead and decomposed remains of so many plants, and made into something that can support life, but it better be a damn tough life form.
That's what these spring flowers are. Damn tough. Taking light from the sun, water from this clay that does not give it up easily, finding nutrients at the ends of its roots, and somehow making it self bloom.
I admire this kind of tenacity. To thrive in adversity. In the harshest of conditions, it finds a way to survive. When times get better, through the wisdom of nature, woven in to that marvelous fabric of its DNA, it knows when to sprout, and better yet when to throw out its leaves, and even better than that it knows the right time to throw out its blossoms and thrive so it can lay the foundation for yet another successful generation.
There's much to learn from the book of God's works.
For glory and beauty really comes from the DNA. It responds adaptively to the environment. With the right temperature and water, it triggers the bloom.
The DNA has the information for life. There i

Social Media Marketing, It's The Future Baby!

But I'm can't control what people will say about me!  Yikes...

Okay, so people want to know what I personally am thinking.  Well I'm at a social media marketing conference today.  Whew.  It's complicated to know Facebook (800 million users), Twitter (million)s), and create buzz by word of mouse.  This stuff is just weird.  I don't get it.  People say wow, tweet, I saw this I saw that.  Tweet tweet tweet.  It just seems so dumb to me.  Oh, look, I am getting a coffee at the starbucks at the Hilton in Fort Collins. 

test entry

This is a test entry.  This took me 30 seconds!



Spring is coming!

March has seen warm winds and tulips, but cold winds are back!

In front of the office, some of the 100 tulip bulbs I planted last fall are coming up. Just in time for snow. Meanwhile the economy is just as cold and icy as the weather.

People I know are working hard, doing what they do best, and being more resourceful at that.


June 19, 2008--Journal Makes Big Leaps Forward! Here's How We're Doing It!

What a big two weeks its been at Good Day Journal!

We've had a string of milestones:


1. Last week Mark Sloniker, jazz musician extraordinare, signed an agreement to let us use his music in nature music videos!

2. This week we published articles with classy pdf graphics!

3. This week we published articles with audio files!  Now articles will read themselves to the reader!  Complete with sound effects and music!

May 22, 2008 I'm Thankful For The Rain

This morning, clouds, rain, a cool breeze out of the northwest.

Walking along a gravel road, hearing my boots crunch along, nature is thriving.

Flax is blooming in little bunches, sprung from seeds from last years' flax that came from seeds our hands sprinkled the year before that.

Robins sing, meadowlarks were calling.  To the west a flock of pigeons flew past, harrassed by a kestrel, hunting for its fledglings.

May 19, 2008 Thankfulness

The greatest story ever told is the story of your individual life.

The attitude of thankfulness helps you read this story.

I wake up each day and express my thankfulness for three things before I start my day and state what kind of a day I want.

Today, I am thankful for my wife and son and daughter.  I want to have a good Monday.

Blog for May 14, 2008

A little rain goes a long ways these past several days...Even more than one week ago, leaves are popping out all over, on sage brush, in the grass and hundreds of herbs that inhabit the native prairie on the open spaces around Fort Collins, here in Colorado...The Western Kingbird, as in the photo at bottom is singing like it's manic.  What a show!